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Meet  Lisa

Simply put, I love to write, I love to edit, and above all, I love to help others--especially aspiring writers.

As an author myself, I know what it is to put yourself out there for all the world to see and judge. You're taking private thoughts from your mind, committing them to paper, and hoping beyond hope that those words, those thoughts and ideas, capture the heart and touch the life of at least ONE reader. (And your mother doesn't count.) That's why I am always honored when asked to edit someone's manuscript. I understand the effort it has taken to not only write the piece but to share it as well.


As much as writing is an extremely personal endeavor, it is also an extremely solitary endeavor. As an editor, I am thrilled to act as a catalyst in uniting quality writers with passionate readers.

Lisa Mottola Hudon   author-editor
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