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Editing Services

(Self-publishing services too)


Looking for someone non-biased to read your work and give you an honest opinion? Unable to pay outrageous  copy editor rates? Look no further. I offer outstanding AND inexpensive manuscript editing services.


Before becoming a published author, I recall wanting some objective advice, not only on my writing abilities but on my manuscript in particular. I'd already passed my story on to my friends and family (but we all know how that goes), I wasn’t getting the help I wanted from my writing group, and I thought that a professional copy editor was not within my budget. Perhaps this describes you and what you're going through? As of late, I have had many aspiring-writer friends as well as published authors sending me their manuscripts for my opinion, evaluation, proofreading, editing. As you can imagine, I realized that I could and should turn this into a business, which I did, and have been successfully doing ever since.


Therefore, know that I am more than happy to take a look at your work and provide you with constructive criticism to improve your writing. My services include proofreading (grammar, spelling, punctuation) as well as editing for sentence structure, style, voice, plot, etc.


I can also help with self-publishing if that's the route you'd like to take. My services include formatting and additional editing, culminating with the actual publishing of your book--both hard copy and electronically. 


No matter what level writer you are, it can never hurt to get another writer/reader's perspective. If you have a finished manuscript or are working on one, I encourage you to contact me and discuss further which options are best for you.

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