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"Lisa, thanks for making me a story. Keep writing."                  

- Jimmy Buffett

"I read them in a couple days and thoroughly enjoyed every word! I love reading all kinds of books and you are a great storyteller." 

Nadirah Shakoor  -  Reeferette

These Books

These three books (a series) tell the story of a small-town Midwestern girl who unknowingly falls in love with a Tropical Rock Star. And while their romance is a wonderful fairy tale, there are several ominous characters wreaking havoc in their lives: an overly attentive Norwegian, a sinister Navy fighter pilot, a corrupt Fleet Admiral, and to make matters worse, an arms trafficking cartel! Not only do our heroes have to contend with these evil people, but they also have to battle a hurricane, a bank robbery, vandalism, and a kidnapping (among other things) all while trying to keep the proverbial show on the road. The stories take place in Chicago and its suburbs, Key West (along with the Everglades), and finally, into the heart of Paris for the most action-packed adventure yet. Parrotheads in particular are in for a real treat as Jimmy Buffett lyrics are seamlessly woven into the stories, and men and women alike will be drawn into the passion and suspense of these fun beach reads.

Enjoy, and Fins Up! 

Book #1:  Watch Your Step at the Wishing Well

Book #2:  Just Another Shitty Day In Paradise

Book #3:  If It All Blows Up and Goes To Hell

To purchase books, see info below

Book #1

Watch Your Step at the Wishing Well

$15 Paperback

$7 Kindle

Book #2

Just Another Shitty Day in Paradise

$15 Paperback

$7 Kindle

Book #3

If It All Blows Up and Goes To Hell

$15 Paperback

$7 Kindle

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